Sitecore CMS
Sitecore CMS
February 15, 2024

Sitecore CMS: Interesting reasons to learn and use this great technology


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In a world in constant technological updating, and software development seeking continuous improvement, this peculiar CMS (Content Management System) appears, which is not recent but is showing high growth by the developer community due to its benefits and advantages when developing software without so much complication. In this article you will learn about this tool, its benefits, advantages over other CMS and how to get into the use of Sitecore for your personal or business projects.

In simple terms, Sitecore CMS is a Content Management System with web services, UX and marketing automation software designed with technologies based on the .NET framework. This CMS can rely on Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle as database engines and allows the deployment of applications through another Microsoft platform, such as Azure. Software that uses Microsoft resources and, above all, that the technology giant itself recommends cannot be a small thing.

As is already known, the .NET framework based on C# is currently one of the most used around web development. Its design patterns, its scalability, the benefits that this programming language offers not only for creating web applications but also desktop applications and other wide variety of products that are possible to create, makes Sitecore CMS a viable, simple and attractive option. to develop websites of any type. Sitecore CMS seeks to be a technological benchmark around business web development.

At an international level, Sitecore CMS has been making its way for a long time and has ensured that large companies such as the well-known vehicle brand Mazda, a technology giant such as Panasonic, and even European football clubs such as Manchester City in England, have trusted in this CMS to design and create your corporate websites. That is why as a Sitecore Developer I consider that in this region of the world, the use of Sitecore CMS is very limited, even very little known by most companies that have corporate websites or that market their products.

It feels good to be part of this company, which has opted for the use of Sitecore CMS to offer its services to recognized companies and thus create creative, responsive, and high-quality websites. Bringing this technology to our region opens a huge field of opportunities and innovation for all those companies that always seek to have their websites updated or that are sold using websites. As a Sitecore Developer, I believe that I must tell you about this software and its advantages over other development models and even over other CMSs that exist today.

Advantages of using Sitecore CMS:

  • Wide range of functions. From online editing to multilingual content management, Sitecore offers a wide variety of features that allow content developers or editors to work more efficiently and smoothly, the experience is highly interactive.
  • Consistency. Consistency in the content created and the final product is very important. Sitecore offers content delivery in a simple way and with the bonus that it can be administered or managed in several languages, which also reduces the language and communication gap.
  • Scalability. Sitecore can run and work efficiently even in complex environments or ecosystems. That is why no matter the size or grandeur of the companies, Sitecore is designed for everyone and that is a great advantage.
  • Workflow and collaboration tools. Sitecore CMS facilitates teamwork within the company, as it offers collaboration and workflow environments, in which developers can assign tasks, manage their progress, define workflows and approve processes that will go into production. in an efficient way. Communication between developers is efficient and teamwork is essential.
  • Multitask. Sitecore allows different work teams to develop different websites at the same time, without them being affected or having conflicts, which is why it becomes a very attractive tool for companies.

Sitecore features


These are some of the advantages that Sitecore CMS offers companies; They are very attractive, aren’t they? And believe me, in practice, they have many more advantages. The development of creative, responsive, and innovative websites has never been so easy, fun, enriching, practical, and efficient at the same time.

Would you like to learn more and even start working with this tool? Visit our company’s YouTube channel, where I have placed a small tutorial with the installation process, requirements, and steps to start using Sitecore CMS in your personal or business projects.

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Author: Miguel Portillo – Sitecore Developer at JDK Outstanding Technologies LLC