Our Technology Stack
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October 05, 2023

Our Technology Stack: Powering Digital Excellence


In the dynamic world of software development, choosing the right set of technologies can make all the difference. At JDK Outstanding Technologies, we’re really proud of our carefully chosen tech tools. They help our teams create amazing digital solutions for our clients.


shows a design application running on an apple computer


Design Tools: Figma

Our journey to make great digital experiences starts with design, and Figma is the key player. This industry-leading design platform is the foundation for our creative teams as they turn ideas into beautiful and user-friendly interfaces.


Figma: The Collaborative Powerhouse

Figma is famous for its cloud-based and collaborative tools, transforming our designers’ workflow. It serves as a virtual canvas where ideas take shape. With real-time collaboration, multiple team members can seamlessly work on the same project, irrespective of their physical location. This supports a responsive and efficient design process, making sure every detail matches the client’s vision. Figma’s teamwork features make it easier for designers and developers to communicate, minimizing the potential for confusion and extra work.


shows a design application running on an apple computer


Frontend Technologies: Astro, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

For the frontend, we use technologies that blend creativity and functionality to make captivating web experiences.


Astro: Our Top Framework Choice

Astro is our go-to web development framework at JDK Outstanding Technologies for a few key reasons. First, it’s super fast, making our websites load quickly and perform well, which is crucial for user satisfaction and search engine rankings.

Astro also uses a clever technique called “partial hydration,” which means it only adds the necessary code for interactive parts of a web page, keeping things fast and efficient.

Another great thing about Astro.js is its flexibility. It can work with different content management systems (CMS) and lets us structure our content easily. Plus, it’s a hit with the web development community, offering plenty of support and resources.

In a nutshell, Astro helps us build fast, flexible, and user-friendly websites, making it our top choice for web development projects.


JavaScript: The Language of the Web

JavaScript is the driving force behind the interactivity and functionality of our web applications. With its rich ecosystem of libraries and frameworks, we harness the power of JavaScript to build feature-rich and responsive web solutions. Whether it’s creating interactive forms, implementing real-time updates, or enhancing user interfaces, JavaScript is our trusted companion in frontend development.


HTML and CSS: The Building Blocks

HTML and CSS form the fundamental building blocks of our frontend development. HTML ensures structured and semantically meaningful content, laying the foundation for accessibility and SEO optimization. CSS, on the other hand, adds the style and responsiveness that make our designs come to life. We use CSS to create visually appealing layouts, apply animations, and ensure that websites are optimized for various devices and screen sizes.


SASS: Enhancing Styles for Web Excellence

SASS simplifies our stylesheet creation by allowing us to use variables, nested rules, and reusable mixins. This means we can define colors, fonts, and other design elements as variables, making it easy to maintain a consistent look and feel across our websites. With nested rules, we can organize our styles in a more structured manner, reducing redundancy and making our code cleaner.


Backend Technologies: Sitecore and Liferay

While frontend technologies shape the visible part of our web applications, the backend is the engine running behind the scenes, driving everything forward. At JDK Outstanding Technologies, we rely on two powerful backend technologies: Sitecore and Liferay.


Sitecore: Versatility and Scalability

Sitecore is our go-to solution for creating exceptional digital experiences. It’s a versatile and robust Content Management System (CMS) and Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that empowers us to build personalized and engaging websites and applications.

One of Sitecore’s standout features is its ability to deliver content tailored to individual users, ensuring a personalized and relevant experience. It also provides robust analytics and marketing automation tools, allowing us to gain insights into user behavior and fine-tune our content strategies.

With Sitecore, we can create scalable and high-performing web solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients, making it a key player in our backend technology stack.


Liferay: Open Source Excellence

Liferay is another powerful tool in our backend arsenal, known for its flexibility and open-source nature. It’s an ideal choice for developing enterprise-level web applications and portals.

Liferay’s flexibility allows us to tailor solutions to the specific requirements of each project. Its modular architecture and extensive library of plugins make it easy to add functionality and integrate with other systems seamlessly.

Furthermore, Liferay’s strong security features ensure that our web applications are not only functional but also safe and protected from potential threats.


Backend Technologies: Sitecore and Liferay

In the fast-paced world of digital innovation, the right technology stack can be the differentiator between mediocrity and excellence. At JDK Outstanding Technologies, we’ve carefully curated a technology stack that reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions. Figma kickstarts our design process, fostering collaboration and creativity. Astro, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SASS fuel our frontend development, enabling us to craft performant and engaging web experiences. Sitecore and Liferay power our backend, allowing us to create content-rich websites and collaborative portals.

Our technology stack isn’t just a collection of tools; it’s the backbone of our success, the engine that drives innovation, and the key to creating digital experiences that leave a lasting impact. It’s a journey we embark on with each client, a journey that leads to remarkable online achievements.